Logicor and Neles, a global leader in flow control solutions and services, are two businesses equally committed to improving environmental efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This shared commitment is why working together to install a new photovoltaic (PV) station on the roof of the Logicor property in Hakkila which Neles occupies was an exiting opportunity aligned to both companies' ESG goals.

When installed, the PV station will use cutting-edge technology to generate more than 738,000 kWh of electricity a year. Its scale is impressive, with around 2,250 panels generating a peak power of 900 kWp - equivalent to the electricity consumed per year by nearly 400 two-room flats, or by an electric car circling the globe nearly 100 times.

The project's collaborative approach has been a positive experience for everyone involved, with the Logicor and Neles teams looking forward to the benefits PV station will deliver for a more sustainable future.

Markku Mikala, Senior Asset Manager, Logicor-Finland: "Many of our energy efficiency projects - such as the Neles-Logicor solar installation - are carried out jointly with our customers, taking into account their ESG targets and needs. It is an excellent way to combine sustainability and good customer experience on our path towards positive change."

Veli Rajala, Facility Manager, Neles Finland Oy: "Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and to ensure our partners do the same. We have set a target to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 25 per cent by 2030. The electricity generated by the solPV station at Hakkila will be used in our operations, reducing our annual CO2 emissions around by 110 tonnes."

Riitta Karvinen, Manager, Property Management, Logicor-Finland: "At Logicor, we are committed to achieving our ESG goals and in particular, are focusing on reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, improving resource efficiency and boosting biodiversity. As well as renewable energy investments like the Hakkila solar station, we are introducing energy-efficient LED systems, and renewing heating and ventilation systems to make them more energy-efficient."

The Hakkila solar station, delivered by Oomi Oy, was commissioned in November 2021.