The Logicor facility at Emalikatu, Järvenpää, enables modern food company tenants to produce cutting edge products and achieve their business goals.

As a proactive landlord, we work closely with our customers to devise the best solution for their specific business needs. For food company tenants like Gold & Green, this means not only considering the best location, but also considering how our building can help them manage their business from an employee and environmental point of view. 

Our tenants rely on Emalikatu’s innovative and sustainable facilities to accomplish their business goals. Like the Leipomo Primula bakery, another tenant at Emalikatu, was specifically designed to leave a small carbon footprint, enhance local production, contribute to domesticly created products and facilitate the high quality of ingredients used to create a unique end-product. As a result of a long development process, pulled oats, the main product of Gold&Green, is just beginning to take its first steps towards international success. 

Having a cup of coffee by the fireplace at the cafeteria gives a nice break to the work day.

As with any consumer goods company, hygiene is very important and is therefore a priority for our tenants at Emalikatu. The premises have been created so the production and foodstuff facilities are carefully separated from the rest of the facilities, for example, the engineering services have been placed above the ceiling to ensure there is no contamination or crossover. The personnel passageways have also been designed from a hygiene perspective, and the production facilities can only be accessed through hygiene stations.

As with all production facilities, it is vitally important to have circumstances that can provide reliable and continuous operations. Our production facilities are under constant surveillance, with the control room ensuring all technology and machinery continues with minimal interruptions.

Our property at Emalikatu has close connections with its neighbours; the mill nearby delivers the flour to the bakery through a pipe, and the central location of the property in Järvenpää minimises the transport time of the ingredients which significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our tenants.

At the facilities of Emalikatu, the bread is baked in red-hot ovens, but, at the same time, cooled production facilities are needed elsewhere. The building was designed with the environment in mind, recovering the waste heat created from the heating and cooling the facility and using it in the heating of the property and the property’s water. This, again, benefits the environment.

It’s equally important to us that our buildings are user friendly and enjoyable spaces for our tenants to work in. Emalikatu was fitted out with several areas and services that support employee well-being. Tenants can relax in the sauna, book an appointment with a massage therapist or meet colleagues for lunch at the restaurant. 


Minimal environmental impact

The Logicor Emalikatu 9 facility helps our customers to acheive their business goals in an environmentally sustainable way:


  • central location, creating shorter transport distances thus using less fuel
  • charging station for electric vehicles
  • flour fed through a pipe from the mill next door reducing transportcosts



  • heat recovery and utilisation
  • building services engineering, real estate engineering and process technology interconnected
  • energy-saving light fixtures with motion detectors 


"Our building at Emalikatu supports the unique and varied needs of our tenants businesses, their personnel and the environment in an innovative and responsible way."