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Logicor UK - Logistics Warehouses

Logicor is one of the largest owners of distribution warehouses in the UK

Our presence

The UK is the strongest and most established logistics market in Europe, with the key hubs located around Greater London, the Golden Triangle in the Midlands and the Manchester/Liverpool axis in the North West.

Almost 70% of our UK assets are located in the Midlands "golden triangle" and the South East. The UK team is based in London and Solihull.

The UK is Logicor’s largest market by value with a portfolio totalling 32.2m sqft across 176 high-quality distribution locations. As one of the UK’s largest warehouse landlords, we are able to leverage the strength and breadth of our portfolio to provide unique solutions for our customers.

Our portfolio

Our distribution warehouses are located throughout the UK in core logistics markets, strategic locations along major motorways and in close proximity to the largest UK conurbations. The majority of our assets are in the Midlands Golden Triangle as well as in prime locations around London, Manchester, South Yorkshire, Bristol and the Scotland Central Belt. Our logistics warehouses are typically large scale distribution centres and range in size from 80,000-1,000,000+ sqft (average size 300,000 sqft) and we have a presence at all of the UK’s major distribution parks including Brackmills, DIRFT, Magna Park and Hams Hall.

In addition to the large scale distribution units, we also provide a wide range of smaller industrial units across the country which range in size from 500-50,000 sqft.

Our customers

Our customers include the leading international and national third-party logistics providers as well as many Blue Chip companies, e-commerce operations and automotive manufacturers and suppliers. We create long term relationships with our customers by working closely with them to ensure their facilities are optimised for their businesses and create mutually beneficial solutions to drive efficiency and productivity from these warehouses. Examples of this include the development of over 500,000 sqft of building extensions as well as direct capital investments that we have been able to make into specific facilities to support our customers. More details can be found on these projects here.

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