A much-anticipated panel at this year’s Annual Property Market Convention, “The warehouse market: Some nice ‘problems’ to have,” started with the premise that 2020 had a seismic effect across many real estate sectors, while 2021 has been marked by a drive to recover from these losses. But nothing suggests that the warehouse sector, with its solid foundations and prospects, even has to make any recovery.

Michał Ptaszyński, from Logicor, a leading owner and manager of logistics real estate in Europe, featured as a panelist and offered an important perspective in the discussion of the condition of the warehouse market in Poland, its growth, threats and the future.

“2021 was a good year for Logicor,” Ptaszyński said. “It is not just e-commerce driving this growth. It is also a global shift of supply chains. The mindset of many of our clients has changed from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case.’ Such forward thinking has a significant impact on increasing warehouse stocks.”

When asked about the threats to the industry and its future, Ptaszyński added: “All market elements balance each other. Therefore, I believe that there are opportunities within threats. One of them is nearshoring, which can only be developed thanks to the generation of supply. The human element will also play a crucial role in the future of our industry. Our tenants need highly qualified employees, including engineers and technicians, to operate the advanced technology functioning in our spaces. This change in the archetype of work in warehouses to reflect the new reality is vital for raising our clients’ growth potential.”

Michał Ptaszyński is Head of Asset Management, Central & Eastern Europe, at Logicor, responsible for comprehensive consultancy on development and execution of property level strategies to enhance asset value and meet the investment objectives of Logicor’s portfolio in the region.

The Annual Property Market Convention (by Eurobuild) is a high-profile business conference summing up the past year in the commercial real estate sector in Poland. Each year, panels of experts examine the state of key market segments: office, retail, private rented sector, warehousing, and investment. The 27th edition of the conference, involving leading companies in the warehouse industry, was held on 25 November 2021 in Warsaw.