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Rent a warehouse in Bologna, Italy

Rent a warehouse in Bologna

About this location

Calderara di Reno, Italy

Calderara di Reno lies in the Greater Bologna area, 7 Km away from the airport G. Marconi. The site enjoys very close proximity to A1 and A14 motorways, two of the main Italian logistics corridors that run north to south.

Total space
18,265 sqm
Vacant space
18,265 sqm

Location and drive times*

1 2 3 hours*

* Calculated drive distance and times

Vacancies at Bologna

  • Logistics Warehouse & Office Space
    7,094 sqm

    The location Within the Bologna mentropolitan area, 7 km away from the airport with immediate access to the principle road network, the...

  • Logistics Warehouse & Office Space
    16,000 sqm


  • Logistics Warehouse & Office Space
    32,124 sqm

    Modern Distribution Centre in the province of Bologna and only  13 Km from the town centre and 7 Km away from the airport. The site is highly...

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