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Rent a warehouse in BTS Development: Monticelli d'Ongina (PC)

About our property

Monticelli d'Ongina, Italy

BTS Development of a 54,000 sqm logistics warehouse in the Piacenza area, an extremely well established logistics location with immediate access to Italy's principal motorways. This development extends over a dedicated area of 84,000 sqm. Buinding will be completed with BIM technology and BREEAM certified.

Two different solutions are available and will be built to suit specific tenant requirements: a single warehouse of 54,000 sqm or two buildings respectively of 18,500 and 26,000 sqm.

52,000 sqm
2,500 sqm
54,500 sqm
  • Clear internal height: 12,50 m
  • Dock level loading doors: da 31 a 56 in base alla configurazione
  • Car parking spaces: disponibile nell'area circostante
  • Sprinklers: NFPA, EFC
  • Cross docked: Yes
  • Lighting: LED

Location and drive times*

1 2 3 hours*
A Piacenza
B Milano
C Modena
D Brescia
E Genova
A G.A. Terminal
B Porto di Cremona
C CePIM Interporto di Parma
D port
E Ambro Terminal Ospitaletto
A Parma Airport
B Brescia Airport
C Il Caravaggio International Airport
D Milano Linate Airport
E Verona Villafranca Airport
A Caorso
B San Giuliano Piacentino
C Castelvetro
D Acquanegra Cremonese
E Cavatigozzi
* Calculated drive distance and times

About the location

Monticelli d'Ongina is a BTS Development.

Who to contact

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