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Case study



02 Apr 19


A vast area of former marshland on the outskirts of Rome is home today to one of the largest logistics warehouses in Italy. The warehouse, known as C1L1, boasts a size of 62,000 sq m, equivalent of over ten football pitches.

Logicor, the leading European logistics real estate owner and advisor, has brought the facility back to life. C1L1 is the largest warehouse in the Interporto di Roma Fiumicino, a 1.6 million sq m logistics project located 30 km west of Rome and less than 10 km from the Fiumicino airport.

In order to bring C1L1 back to the market, Logicor used innovative building techniques, applied on as unprecedent scale.


Quando Logicor ha acquisito il C1L1, il magazzino era in uno stato di degrado. Il pavimento era sprofondato di 50-60 cm sotto il livello originale, costringendo gli utilizzatori del magazzino ad andarsene. Il cedimento del suolo aveva interessato tutta l'area dell'interporto, rendendo le strutture non sicure e lasciando quindi la città senza il polo logistico di cui aveva bisogno. Restaurando e trasformando il C1L1 in un edificio moderno, Logicor ha aperto nuove strade al mercato logistico di Roma. Scarica il testo completo


Logicor used innovative building techniques, applied on an unprecedent scale. The solution had been done before, but never before in a logistics warehouse of this scale. In order to stabilise the floor, a grand total of 1,200, 40-metre deep concrete piles were bored into the ground underneath the warehouse.


The high quality of the warehouse after the refurbishment work explains how Logicor managed to fully lease the space in just six months. The warehouse was subdivided into four units, allowing several companies to benefit from the restored building. Each of the four tenants made long-term commitments, with leases ranging from 6 to 9 years.

'Such long lease contracts are surely indicative of the success of the operation. While long leases are not unusual in logistics, in this case they show that the market has renewed confidence in this asset.' - M.Cortellezzi - Kryalos SGR


'As soon as we found out there was this opportunity, and we saw for ourselves what kind of work was being carried out, I immediately fell in love with it I saw it as a new opportunity to grow further and offer our clients something special. Moving to C1L1 will allow us to improve the existing services and offer new services that can be useful to our clients.' - Alessandro Craviotto, CVT2000

'The appeal of C1L1 was not just its size, but also the flexibility to design and fit out the warehouse space. This will not just be a logistics warehouse for us. It will be where we carry out all our main activities. The possibility to add office space according to our needs was very attractive.' - Felice Luciani, Doreca

'We received great help with our customisation needs from Logicor and its partners. They helped us optimise our own investment on the unit.' - Sergio Musitano Guerrera, AESSE

'The quality of the work that Logicor was doing on the warehouse attracted us. We have a long-standing partnership with Logicor in Italy and the whole of Europe, having been a client of theirs for several years. For this project we looked primarily at quality and safety.' - Antonio Lodi, DHL

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