A harbour is a special type of space: changes occur more often than elsewhere, but storing and moving goods must always take place smoothly.

SA-TU Logistics provides domestic logistics services in Finland: transport, goods handling and customs documentation services. Its facilities are located at Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki. According to Tero Melasniemi, Vice President of SA-TU Logistics, Vuosaari Harbour is an advantageous location for the company. It is important for the company that the landlord is able to respond to changing needs related to business premises.

“We are a growth company, and the landlord's flexible operating models create an excellent foundation for our growth. We are able to provide our customers with competitive services. We have now cooperated with Logicor for a couple of months, and we are pleased that, as the lessor of the facilities, they have genuinely made the effort to understand our business operations. Our interaction has been close and proactive since the very beginning of the contract negotiations. Logicor listens to us and understands our changing needs for space. Their operating principles offer us good opportunities for growth,” says Melasniemi.

Hectic harbours call for flexible facility services

Over the past few months, Olli Ahopelto, Account Manager at Logicor, has familiarised himself thoroughly with harbour business operations. According to Ahopelto, he has learned a great deal about logistics operations, and the two companies were able to negotiate a contract customised to the client’s needs.

“The negotiations with SA-TU Logistics helped us to truly understand that the flexible use and management of facilities are key in harbour business operations. For us to be able to help the client and enable their growth, we need to understand the foundations of their operations,” says Ahopelto. 

He points out that harbours differ from other sites: there is more activity than elsewhere.

“Our service models must accommodate changes in harbour business operations and offer flexibility for our clients to grow their business. With SA-TU Logistics, we created a contract model that enables the use of facilities to be optimised according to need,” says Ahopelto.