Gasmet had outgrown the property it owned in Helsinki’s Roihupelto district. The size of the premises restricted production and scale of operations to such an extent it had begun to pose a threat to the company’s growth. With Logicor’s help, Gasmet found a convenient and comprehensive solution to suit their needs. Logicor’s large real estate portfolio made it easy to find the right facility and alterations to the premises were easily implemented through the property partner’s networks.

Gasmet’s old property was not only small, but also in poor condition and the technical building systems were not up to the standards of a modern production facility. Gasmet had to lease additional space at the same location, which meant the premises were put together like a cut and paste job.

“The problem we had with our business premises put us in a desperate situation. It became an obstacle to the growth of our business. Now we have modern workstations and sufficient space, which has had a positive impact on our employee satisfaction. On the production side, it means that we are now able to meet the demand,” says Mari Fromholdt, Director, Administration at Gasmet.

Warehousing and logistics also became bottlenecks at the previous premises. The lack of loading bays made operations slower and more difficult and there was not enough room for lorries to turn around in the yard.

“The logistics of our new premises are a massive improvement. Everything is carefully considered. There are good loading bays and much more space for packing. The larger facility also makes recycling easier now that we have plenty of room for the containers for recycled materials,” Fromholdt adds.

In addition to enhancing recycling, the alterations made the premises more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient through the installation of LED lighting.

The alterations transformed a traditional warehouse into a high-tech production facility

The goal was to find premises in or between Helsinki and Vantaa that would have twice the floor space as the old facility, allowing all of the company’s operations to take place under one roof. With the help of real estate agent CRE PREMISES Kari Mäkinen, a property that ticked these boxes was found on Mestarintie in Vantaa. Before the move could happen, the premises needed to be altered to suit Gasmet’s operations.

“The starting point for alteration work is that the customer knows their needs better than anyone else. That is why the customer is always closely involved in the planning and design process. We reduce the customer’s workload by taking care of competitive bidding processes and project management, but the customer gives the final approval for all decisions and specifications. This kind of openness is essential for building a partnership based on trust,” says Asset Manager Tommi Savinainen from Logicor.

“Logicor’s partner did a great job with the planning of the renovation project. They listened to our wishes and technical requirements and incorporated them into the plan. The work was completed on schedule,” Fromholdt says.

Fromholdt is also pleased with Logicor’s friendly and flexible customer service.

“Among other things, Logicor’s flexibility meant that we could complete the relocation process in stages. We first started using the office and upstairs premises and then moved the rest of our operations later.”

Working with a major property company creates stability

Having capital tied up in buildings is not in the interests of companies other than real estate investors. As Gasmet realised this, selling the property they owned and leasing a production facility became the only sensible decision.

“Owning a property involved administrative work that took up our resources. Leasing a property is very convenient. The lessor takes care of administrative matters and you can contact the property maintenance company regarding any practical issues that may arise. All we need to do is pay the rent on time,” Fromholdt says, describing Gasmet’s current situation.

Leasing the business premises allows Gasmet to focus on its core operations and partnering with a major property owner brings stability to daily life.

“The sensitivity of Gasmet’s production and business operations means that their premises must be in good shape. As the leading logistics real estate operator in Europe, we live up to our responsibilities and take good care of our properties. With Logicor, every customer is in good hands.” -Tommi Savinainen, Logicor