When it comes to integrating ground and ocean freight operations, Vuosaari is one of the best locations in all of Finland. Unloading of maritime containers can be done directly from ships to the ground freight terminal for handling. This has significant benefits in terms of time and money saved. In early 2017, Oy Kuehne + Nagel Ltd relocated its ground and ocean freight operations to a 4,600 m2 facility in Logicor’s Vuosaari harbour logistics centre.

“Our customer solutions involve significant volumes in both ocean and ground freight. Thanks to the excellent location, the new facilities optimise not only our own operations but also the supply chains of our client companies, as freight no longer needs to be transferred between terminals. In practice, our containers are unloaded from ships directly onto wheels,” explains Matti Toivanen, Managing Director at Oy Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.

Continuously improving agility and efficiency

Today, the management of cargo flows is typified by the principle of continuous improvement.

”Our clients find it increasingly important to be able to perform services in the logistics chain as smoothly as possible. This serves to improve both their price competitiveness as well as customer experience,” explains Olli Ahopelto, Account Manager at Logicor.

Location is naturally one of the most crucial considerations when selecting new premises, but other elements are also needed to ensure the continuity and agility of operations.

“We transport enormous quantities of our client companies’ shipments around the world as part of our supply chain service solutions. Our priority is to find partners who are able to support our operations in the long term by offering the possibility to rescale our facilities or their functions according to our needs, even outside Finland. In this respect, Logicor is an outstanding partner that owns an extensive portfolio of logistics and warehouse facilities across Europe,” Toivanen says.

As the client expands, so do the premises

Kuehne + Nagel sees room for expansion particularly in the added-value services related to deliveries, such as warehouse logistics.

”As I see it, Logicor operates with a distinctly proactive and customer-oriented approach. They truly understand the demands of our business operations and within just a few months have already demonstrated the ability to react quickly to requests for changes or expansions to the facilities. Discussions on the expansion of our premises are already underway,” Toivanen says with a smile.

Toivanen has received positive feedback on the facilities and their functionality from the personnel at Kuehne + Nagel's logistics centre in Vuosaari. Based on feedback from the logistics provider’s customers, the new terminal has also met and exceeded their expectations.