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Corporate Responsibility

As a leading owner and operator of European logistics real estate, Logicor believes that acting in a responsible way is important for the long-term benefit of the company, our stakeholders, including customers, investors and employees, as well as the wider communities impacted by our activities. Accordingly, Logicor is committed to ensuring ESG policies and activities are incorporated and embedded into our daily business conduct.

Within our core day-to-day customer leasing activities, we evaluate environmental compliance by carrying out assessments, including using independent sustainability certification rating schemes, on new property developments and other asset management projects. Working closely with our customers, we also review and, where possible, improve existing sustainability performance across our logistics property portfolio. This also allows us to enhance asset resilience and help meet our customers’ supply chain requirements.

Within our own business operations, we have launched recycling and energy-saving initiatives across our offices. Employees can take advantage of a wide-range of health and well-being benefits and are supported in their professional training and development reinforced by an ongoing internal engagement programme which allows clear dialogue across the organisation. Logicor and its employees also actively engage with the communities in which we operate through a series of corporate sponsored activities across Europe.

We have robust corporate and employee policies in place to ensure our organisation is a fair, safe and enjoyable place to work for all of our employees and to ensure we undertake business with our customers and suppliers in a responsible way. These include policies that cover equal opportunities, harassment, bullying and discrimination, along with anti-slavery and human trafficking, health and safety, anti-bribery, corruption and anti-money laundering. We also have policies that cover data governance and cyber risk. These policies are regularly reviewed, and where appropriate, strengthened across the Logicor Group.


CEO statement:

“As a leading direct owner of European logistics real estate with properties concentrated in strategic supply chain locations, we recognise the importance of having sustainability at the heart of our business. Our desire to be recognised as a responsible corporate citizen is to the long-term benefit of the company, our customers, our investors and our wider communities.”

Michael Slattery, CEO

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