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Case study

Developing a 140,000 sqft extension






09 Jul 20

Constructing a 139,920 sq ft extension to the unit allowing ASOS to improve the efficiency and intensity of their operation by installing extensive automation, leading to securing a long term lease at the property


ASOS are an expanding online retailer and consolidated their principle worldwide operation into a single 530,002 sq ft warehouse in Barnsley. ASOS’ continued expansion resulted in a more intense operation at their unit which was rapidly becoming full whilst trying to maintain efficiencies in their distribution chain by operating from a single facility.


Logicor provided 139,920 sq ft of additional floorspace by constructing two separate extensions to the southern and western elevations of the existing facility. The units were constructed to a minimum eaves height of 19m to allow ASOS to install a specialised automatic box storage system. The extension was constructed around the existing operation which operated at full capacity through the construction period.


The building extension allowed ASOS to invest in significant automation in this facility driving efficiencies in their supply chain and further increasing the storage and distribution capacity. At the same time Logicor created significant value at the property by expanding the building footprint and securing a long term lease with ASOS.

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