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Case study

Customer-focussed asset management at Tortona


IN’S Mercato




09 Jul 20

Applying customer-focussed asset management to improve leasing at Tortona logistics park.


With the launch of an aggressive marketing program shortly after acquiring the park and by actively partnering with local agents, Logicor has scored a few leasing successes, the most important one being the new 9-years lease with IN’S Mercato for building B (28,500 sqm). We are confident IN’S will become an anchor tenant for Tortona, attracting new customers that will bring the park to full occupancy.


A key ingredient to secure this new lease was Logicor’s capacity to respond to IN’S technical requirements in terms of layout, investing in the building in order to improve its functionality.


"Logicor demonstrated a willingness to adapt their approach based on our specific logistics property and operational requirements" 

Moreno Fincato, Director of Real Estate Development, IN’s Mercato

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