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Rent a warehouse in Rheine


Rheine, Germany

Further energy-efficient project development opportunities in the area of Münster 

Rheine is a Westphalian city on the Ems and after Münster the second largest city in the Münsterland. Due to its exceptionally good geographical location and excellent transport links, the business location of Rheine has a high location quality.

The expansion - being developed according to the latest environmental standards - will include two units and a total rental area of approx. 20,000m².

Contact us if you are interested in a customized project development!

Additional Mezzanine Space (optional)

16,425 sqm
960 sqm
Warehouse Space
16,425 sqm
Office Space
960 sqm
Mezzanine (optional)
1,780 sqm
19,165 sqm
  • Clear internal height: 12,00 m
  • Dock level loading doors: 17 (1 ebenerdiges Ladetor/Einheit)
  • Car parking spaces: 56
  • Sprinklers: Yes
  • Ambient storage: No
  • Heating: Yes
  • Lighting: Yes

Location and drive times*

1 2 3 hours*
A Hamburg
B Leipzig
C Düsseldorf
D Frankfurt
E Munich
A Bockholter Emsfähre
B Bockholter Emsfähre
C Hafen Erdölraffinerie
D Stadthafen 1
E Stadthafen 2
A Münster Osnabrück Airport
B Twente Airport
C Dortmund Airport
D Essen Mulheim Airport
E Emden Airport
A Altenrheine
B Altenrheine
C Rheine
D Spelle
E Spelle
* Calculated drive distance and times

About the Location

Rheine is located on the A 30 federal motorway, which connects the A 31 with the A 1. There are three connection points in the urban area. Osnabrück and the Netherlands are each about half an hour's drive away.

Rheine is about 25 km from Münster / Osnabrück International Airport (EDDG), which can be reached via the B 481. The city can be reached by water for transport ships via the Dortmund-Ems Canal, a junction to the Mittelland Canal is about ten kilometers away from the city.

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