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Rent a warehouse in Hannover Langenhagen


Langenhagen, Germany

Modern distribution areas in immediate proximity to the airport

The hall units can be rented separately or together and will be available as of July 2021. They are each equipped with a spacious office unit.

Building Specifications: 

Clear height: 10.2 m
• 4 Ground-level Gates
  2 Docks
• 180 car parking spaces
• Floor loading capacity: 6 t / sq m

10,255 sqm
2,368 sqm
12,623 sqm
  • Clear internal height: 10.2
  • Dock level loading doors: 4 ebenerdige Tore, 2 Rampentore
  • Car parking spaces: 180
  • Sprinklers: Yes
  • Heating: Yes
  • Lighting: Yes

Location and drive times*

1 2 3 hours*
A Hamburg
B Leipzig
C Düsseldorf
D Frankfurt
E Munich
A Brinker Hafen
B Container Terminal Nordhafen
C Stadion
D Nordufer/Fackelträger
E Einstieg
A Hannover Airport
B Celle Airport
C Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport
D Kassel-Calden Airport
E Bremen Airport
A Hannover Flughafen
B Hannover-Vinnhorst
C Langenhagen Mitte
D Langenhagen Pferdemarkt
E Langenhagen-Kaltenweide
* Calculated drive distance and times

About the Location

The property located in the logistics hot spot Hanover is characterized by its direct proximity to Hanover Airport. The motorways A352, A2 and A7 can also be reached short time.

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