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Rent a warehouse in Alsdorf


Alsdorf, Germany

Logistics warehouse centrally located with excellent connections


Alsdorf is located in the middle of the European metropolitan areas Rhine-Main, Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Ruhr area. Approximately 3.5 million people live in the region which gives it enormous potential for innovation and purchasing power.

Logicor Alsdorf offers logistics space with flexible rental units, state-of-the-art equipment and optimized energy consumption.

• Smoke and heat ventilation system above roof dome (partly manually controllable)
• Integrated office container
• Social rooms for ladies and gents
• WLAN cabling
• Fire and intrusion alarm system
• Year of construction: 2006, extension: 2007 + 2008
• Sprinkler system conforming to FM Global Standard
• 24/7 operation possible
• Power current connections
• Lighting: Neon and HQL
• Heating: radiant tube heaters

• Modern and contemporary standard
• Needle felt carpet and tiles
• Suspended ceiling with specular louver luminaires
• Cat-6/7 cabling
• Cable ducts

27,211 sqm
1,011 sqm
28,222 sqm
  • Clear internal height: 11 m
  • Dock level loading doors: 40
  • Car parking spaces: 300
  • Sprinklers: Yes
  • Chilled storage: No
  • Ambient storage: No
  • Racked: No
  • Cross docked: No
  • Heating: Yes
  • Lighting: Yes
  • Frozen: No

Location and drive times*

1 2 3 hours*
A Hamburg
B Leipzig
C Düsseldorf
D Frankfurt
E Munich
A Woffelsbach
B Eschauel
C Kermeterufer
D Rurberg
E Rurberg (Obersee)
A Aachen-Merzbrück Airport
B Maastricht Aachen Airport
C Mönchengladbach Airport
D Düsseldorf Airport
E Weeze Airport
A Eschweiler-St.Jöris
B Eschweiler Hbf
C Eschweiler Talbahnhof
D Stolberg (Rheinl.) Hbf
E Stolberg Altstadt
* Calculated drive distance and times

About the Location

Alsdorf is located near the border triangle Germany / Belgium / Netherlands in the far west of the Federal Republic of Germany.

There is a direct connection to the federal motorways 44 (AS Alsdorf) and A 4 / E (AS Eschweiler-West).

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